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How can I bid during an auction?

1. Prior to an auction by:

a. Place an online purchase order through the catalog on the website.

b. Submit a written purchase order, by means of the form, by telephone or by e-mail.


How does a purchase order work?

You indicate in advance what you would like to offer for a specific lot. The auctioneer then bids for you. If there are no other bids, the lot will be awarded to you at the lowest possible price. If there are other bidders, the auctioneer will continue to counterbid until your bid is exceeded.



2. Live during an auction by:

a. Bid in the room with a bid number, available at the coffee bar during viewing and auction days.

b. To be able to bid via a computer, tablet or smartphone,

c. Reserve a telephone line in consultation with the auction house.

Unsold lots are offered in aftersales.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail.

How does a timed online auction work?

A Timed online auction takes place entirely via the internet. You bid by automatic bidding. This means that you can enter a maximum bid for the relevant lot and the system will then bid for you until you are outbid. You can of course always increase your bid in the meantime. The system offers in steps of 5 euros. In case of two equal bids, the lot is awarded to the first bidder, but the other can always increase his bid.

The auctions are closed in stages. This means that 20 lots are closed every 5 minutes. When someone bids in the last 5 minutes, the auction of the relevant lot is extended to 5 minutes, so that the counterparty has enough time to make a higher bid.

You will receive an email if you are outbid, except in the last 15 minutes before closing.


With every purchase, 30% premium and € 0.50 table money is charged on top of the hammer price.

Please note: resale rights may apply to some purchases.


Tag along right

Tag along right is a compensation paid by the purchaser of a work of art that applies to works of art by living artists and by artists who died less than 70 years ago. Resale right applies to artworks with a transaction value from € 3000, - including premium and table money, excluding VAT.

I.e. from a hammer price of € 2404, -.

The following rate system applies to the tag along right:

4% of the portion of the sale price up to and including € 50,000
plus 3% of the portion of the sale price from € 50,000.01 to € 200,000
plus 1% of the portion of the sale price from € 200,000.01 to € 350,000
plus 0.5% of the portion of the sale price from € 350,000.01 to € 500,000
plus 0.25% of the portion of the sale price above € 500.000

Payment and pick up of your purchases from the December 2021 Auction is possible from Tuesday 14 December to Friday 24 December, by appointment only.

The auction house is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Thursday 16 December till 21:00. 


Payments in the auction house

You can pay for your bill in cash or with a debit card. If you pay with a debit card, take your daily limit into account. You can change this (online) at your bank.


Payments by bank

You can transfer the money to the IBAN below, stating your bid number.


NL12 ABNA 0601 5117 00





If you want to pay from an account outside the SEPA region, you should contact us regarding additional bank charges. All additional bank charges are borne by the buyer.


Click here for an overview of the SEPA countries.


Payment with Paypal is possible on request. There will be a surcharge.



There are two loading and unloading places and various parking spaces in the Nieuwstraat, in addition there are two supermarkets in the vicinity (Hoogvliet and AH) with parking garages and parking spaces and a large underground parking space under the Garenmarkt.

If you are using a parking app, you can use code 7014 when parking in Nieuwstraat. Click here for an overview of the various parking zones and rates.


You can have your purchases shipped (with the exception of furniture, large and / or heavy objects). If you would like to make use of this, please let us know by e-mail.


Protocol for sending parcels:

  • We mainly use Myparcel to ship packages.
  • Shipping costs consist of postage, packaging and transport costs.
  • We package carefully, using bubble wrap and other protective materials.
  • We ship all purchases registered and insured.
  • Insurance above 250 euros will gradually become slightly more expensive per 500 euros. You can insure up to a maximum of € 5,000 within the Netherlands.


Do you want to deviate from this and have something shipped without a signature or insurance, for example? Please let us know before we ship.


If you want to have the package shipped via another company, please note that we can also charge administrative costs in addition to the shipping costs.


When will my package be shipped via Myparcel?

  • After your request for shipment, you will receive an email with a quotation. In this email we ask you to confirm in writing that you indeed want the purchase to be shipped, so that we can e-mail you an adjusted invoice.
  • If, after your confirmation and acceptance of the quotation, you still decide not to ship, we are forced to charge the packaging costs already incurred (the total shipping amount minus the costs of Myparcel).
  • After your confirmation and receipt of the payment, we will offer your package to Myparcel. the hustle and bustle surrounding the auction.
  • When the package is offered to Myparcel, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the Track & Trace information.


Sending a package is the choice of the customer, with which Veilinghuis Onder de Boompjes is indemnified from liability for damage or loss that has arisen from the moment of presentation to Myparcel or another transport company.



For the shipment of furniture, large and / or heavy objects, please contact:

Rick Frangenheim Transport services



If you want to make use of another transport service, you must make this known in advance by e-mail or by telephone. Please note that the carrier is responsible for packaging the goods.

On request we can send a condition report and / or extra photos of lots in our auction. These requests will be executed during the viewing days. You can send your request to

Conditions are indicated by a letter in the (online) catalog.

Condition Paintings, drawings, watercolors and graphics Glass and ceramics Furniture & other Gold, silver and jewelery
A Perfect condition or well restored Perfect condition Perfect condition or well restored Mint condition
B Not cleaned, minimal damage Flakes, scratches, signs of use, well restored Signs of use, minimal defects, small flaws Signs of use, minimal wear, defects and flaws
C Minor visible damage crack, hairline, minor chips / flaws Some restoration required before use Severe wear, defects and flaws
D Bad condition Bad condition Bad condition Bad condition


We would like to draw your attention to the following in connection with the conditions:

  • Damage to lists is not mentioned and is never included in the assessment and / or valuation.
  • For composite lots, the condition indication is determined on the basis of the average condition of the total.
  • No warranty is given on the operation of timepieces, technical and / or electrical devices.
  • A coding only provides an indication and can never give rise to the cancellation of the purchase. You must always assess the condition of objects yourself, this also applies to lots without coding.


Important information regarding paintings, watercolors, drawings and graphics.

With reference to Art. 2 of the General Auction Conditions, we would like to draw your attention to the following with regard to the paintings, watercolors, drawings and graphics:

First and last name of the painter with date of birth (and date of death): we guarantee that it is a work of this master.

Signed: This means that the signature of the said master appears on the work. However, this addition does not imply that it constitutes any guarantee as to the authenticity of the work in question.

Attributed to / Possibly: in the opinion of the auctioneer possibly a work by this artist, but no absolute certainty about this.

Environment: stylistic similarities with work by the artist mentioned and originating from his time.


Auction terms and abbreviations used

  • A.T.P. à tout prix. French for: against any reasonable offer
  • Krt. Carat related to gold
  • Ct. Carat related to gemstones
  • BWG Below legal content


1. The goods are sold straightaway, seen or not seen and are immediately after surcharge at the expense and risk of the buyer, at a premium of 30% of the purchase price.

2. Descriptions in the catalog and all information provided in writing or orally, are deemed to have been made to the best of the auctioneer's knowledge and can never give rise to recourse against the auctioneer, resp. the seller, or cited as a reason for the buyer to withdraw from his obligations to accept and pay for goods. Neither the seller nor the auctioneer are bound by any guarantee, by whatever name.

2a. Contrary to art. 2, the auctioneer is prepared to take back the auctioned gold and silver works (with the exception of gemstones), paintings, watercolors, drawings, bronze sculptures, if the first and last name is stated, against a simultaneous refund of the purchase price and premium, on the understanding that within a period of 10 days after the date of sale proves to the satisfaction of the auctioneer that the description provided is so incorrect that if the correct description had been known to the buyer at the time of the sale, he would have renounced the purchase or would have bought only at a significantly lower price.

2b. The auctioneer is not prepared to take it back if the description was provided orally during the auction. This willingness also lapses if and insofar as the buyer cannot return the auctioned item in the same condition as it was at the time of allotment.

3. Everyone is deemed to have bought for himself and is liable for payment of the purchase price, without being able to rely on an agent or a master.

4. The auctioneer reserves the following rights:

  • To refuse persons as bidder or purchaser without stating reasons.
  • Make changes to the order of sale at any time.
  • Add or cancel numbers.
  • Buy to combine or split.
  • Not awarding or holding on to purchase.
  • To claim full or partial payment immediately after the allocation of a purchase, in the event of refusal or impotence, the purchase in question will be immediately re-auctioned and the bid by the negligent bidder will not be accepted again.
  • Refresh goods if the buyer immediately refuses to disclose full name and address to the auctioneer.
  • Not to transfer goods from the original purchaser's account to that of another reflectant.
  • Submit bids on behalf of buyers or sellers.
  • Re-auction purchases over which a difference has arisen.

5. Payment must be made in euros, cash, by pin or by bank before the goods can be received.

6. No goods will be issued during the auction.

7. The goods can only be received after the end of each session and on presentation of a receipt. This is also possible daily between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

8. The goods must be paid for and collected no later than one week after the last auction day (with the exception of after sales purchases made after the auction week). If the goods are not paid and collected within this period, € 50 per day may be charged, regardless of the amount of the sales invoice.

After-sales purchases made after the end of the auction week must be paid and collected no later than one week after purchase. If the goods are not paid and collected within this period, € 50 per day may be charged, regardless of the amount of the sales invoice.

9. From buyers unknown to us, a hand money may be requested in the amount of 30% of the purchase amount.

10. The table money is € 0.50 per lot.

11. Everyone who participates in the auction must provide their full name, address and telephone number before the auction and be able to identify themselves, after which they will receive a bid number. If desired, this information can be returned after the auction. If not, they will be included in the customer database and will automatically receive an invitation to subsequent auctions.

12. The auctioneer does not guarantee the origin of the items sold. If these may originate from theft, the auctioneer does not accept any liability towards the buyer who is held liable by the original owner of the good to hand over the good.

13. Payment to the consignor of goods sold during the auction can only be made if these goods have been paid for by the buyer. Goods sent in are paid out from four weeks after the last auction day.

14. Nobody will be able to rely on unfamiliarity with these conditions.


In order to participate in an auction as a bidder, you must register in the catalog. The registration form is located at the top right under the green bar or in the catalog menu if you are using a handheld device (eg smartphone).

Click on 'register' and a form will appear. Fill in your details and do not forget to accept the conditions. After successful registration you will receive an activation email. Activate your account and then you can bid and add lots to your favorites.

Note: We have been using a new system since November 2020. Old accounts have not been transferred. You need to register again.


The account menu is located at the top right under the green bar or in the catalog menu if you are using a 'handheld' device (eg smartphone). Click on 'my catalog' and then a menu with six options will appear.

  • my favorites
  • my timed-online bids
  • my online absentee bids
  • My invoices
  • Make appointments
  • my profile 


Click in a description on the star (next to the lot number / artist name) to add / or remove the relevant lot to your favorites. Click on 'my favorites' in the catalog menu to see an overview of your favorites. You can also download and print this overview by clicking  on the 'catalog' button at the top left under the white bar.

Note: Lots that you have bid on are not automatically added to your favorites.