Appraisals & Sales

We give you expert advice with regard to valuations and the auctioning and transport of your art, antiques, design and (parts of) household effects, so that you can make a well-considered decision. In addition, we also provide valuations for insurance, inheritance tax and mutual distribution.

Prior to the auction of your goods, an appraisal takes place. This can be done in various ways:

Email and WhatsApp

You can send photos by e-mail ( or WhatsApp (06 - 4474 4666) on the basis of which you will receive a no-obligation and free global appraisal and advice on possible next steps.

Due to crowds, an answer can take up to 5 working days, but we strive to inform you as soon as possible. For a definitive valuation, one of our appraisers must first have seen the documents.

Valuation in the auction house

You make an appraisal appointment and visit the auction house with your goods. The appraisers then provide a no-obligation and free appraisal on the spot.

Valuation on location

One of our appraisers comes to your home or storage location and assesses the goods to be offered there. Appraisals are carried out on location if it concerns complete household effects, valuable items, collections or objects that are difficult to transport.

Auction rates

When goods are sold, the commission is 20% of the hammer price. A different commission can be agreed for valuable pieces or special and valuable collections.

When selling, € 5 per lot is always charged for photo costs.
If gold or silver objects must be (legally) inspected, € 5 per object will be charged for this

In addition to collection and appraisals of art and antiques, we also provide appraisals for insurance, inheritance and / or mutual distribution purposes. Including a report if desired.

The rate is € 120 per hour excluding VAT and call-out charges. For more information about this you can contact us by telephone or e-mail.

We are open by appointment during working days for the delivery of your goods.

If you are unable to bring the goods yourself or if this is too much for your own transport, you can inquire with us about transport. We have our own transport service.

We work together with Partiar B.V., executor of estates.

This company has over ten years of experience in settling legacies and always does this together and in close consultation with heirs. Complex issues concerning the distribution of household effects and disagreements between heirs can be resolved by Partiar. All of the property of the deceased can be divided by them among the heirs or sold through auction. Debts are paid from the legacy. They also take care of the tax settlement such as income tax and inheritance tax returns.

Partiar B.V.
Madame Curiestraat 24b
2171 TW Sassenheim