Unknown work by Alfons Walde sold for €586,000

It can just happen that a treasure hangs in an ordinary house in Leiderdorp. That happened to one of our appraisers in 2022 during a home appraisal. He found an inconspicuously hung oil painting by the famous Austrian painter Alfons Walde (1891-1958). 

Unknown work by Alfons Walde sold for €586,000

Walde became famous with his colorful works on early skiing and winter landscapes in and around Kitzbühel. There is also a permanent exhibition of his works in this place. With a conservative estimate of €80,000 – 120,000, it ended up in our catalog and was presented on various international platforms. Immediately after online publication, the first interested telephone calls and e-mails from abroad came in.

Works by Alfons Walde are extremely rare in the Netherlands and certainly never end up at a Dutch auction. Once in 1934, works by Walde were on display during a sales exhibition in Kunstzaal Kleykamp in The Hague. According to tradition, it was there that one of the previous owners purchased the work, after which it ended up in Leiderdorp through inheritance and we spotted it.

During the online bidding process, bids came in piecemeal at first, but the last few hours saw fierce competition. Dutch bidders quickly dropped out, after which it became a battle between Austrian, German and Polish bidders. The work was ultimately sold to an Austrian art dealer, who undoubtedly resold it to a wealthy private individual. Where would it hang now?


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