The thinnest Rozenburg porcelain

Traditionally called eggshell porcelain. It was manufactured by the famous Rozenburg pottery factory in The Hague from 1899, after years of experimentation. The factory experienced a sensation with this porcelain during the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Several international museums, including the Musée des Beau Arts in Paris and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, purchased pieces and Rozenburg's eggshell porcelain also won several prizes.

The thinnest Rozenburg porcelain

Eggshell porcelain is still one of the highlights of Art Nouveau in the Netherlands. Decors are characterized by Asian influences and depict flowers, birds, fish and insects.

That said, one of our appraisers came across a monumental vase made of this type of porcelain during an estate appraisal in Warmond in the summer of 2023. “I was actually a bit shocked when I saw the vase standing there in its full size. Never before had I hold such a large piece of eggshell porcelain in my hands," said auctioneer Pieter-Gerrit Binkhorst. It was to be expected that such a piece would attract a lot of interest, and indeed there was a rush for the display case during the viewing days. The downside seemed to be the prominent repaired damage to the neck, but that didn't spoil the fun. It had now also become clear that not many more than 10 versions of this model were produced and that only a handful of them still exist. The lack of commercial success at the time reportedly had everything to do with the hefty asking price of Hfl. 160, which would now be approximately € 2,700.

Eggshell porcelain from Rozenburg still has a large number of avid collectors, most of whom have viewed the vase at Onder de Boompjes live or via the internet. Although the bids continued to trickle in quietly at first, a real bidding war arose in the last few hours before the end of the timed online auction of September 2023, which ultimately resulted in the formidable amount of more than € 51,000. A new record for Rozenburg pottery of this type of vase.

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